Hi everyone! 🙂 My name is Sarah. I am a senior PR major at Mississippi State, an outreach intern for the Wesley foundation, daily program coordinator for Christian World Missions and the proud owner of two sweet pups, Olive and Seleana.
I chose to start this blog not only because I love writing, but because I feel like the Lord really wants to use me through this platform. I hope that the words the Lord plants in me will speak to both men and women who come across this blog.
My goal here is to share my story, be raw, authentic and real about what’s going on in my life and share the love of Christ the best way I know how. I am here to invite all of you into my walk and am so willing and glad to walk with each of you through whatever life gives and provide hope, encouragement and love.
I hope that we can run wild together.

Instagram: theotherbrister_sister
Facebook: Sarah Brister
Email: sbrister95@hotmail.com